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The Online-Author will be a platform for children/schoolkids to create and publish stories in a digital environment. If you are interested to contribute, please contact me.

my way

Every path I took in my life led to this one point of serenity, the fulfilment that baths my soul in joy: coding. Over the years I have gained profound knowledge and wide experience in several fields of software engineering and I have encountered numerous programming languages.
After having worked with Java through the years, I decided to specialise in Go a while ago.
Go is a relatively new language and has gained my attention due to its intuitive way of coding; it is a modern version of C with a new and much more sophisticated approach to object orientation – it has become the tool of my choice.


webservices and server technologies

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icon_docker https://hub.docker.com/u/derfranz

Octocat https://github.com/derfranz-eu